Exponential expansion, without the growing pains.

When you’re on the edge of explosive growth, you have three choices. You can back away slowly, choosing stability over the unknown. You can hire an internal team and slowly build a bridge. Or you can partner with a business process team and leap into success.

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Growth, Squared

When growth is your goal, you need a stronger, more mature corporate office. W Squared gets you to tomorrow without the significant investments of time and money that building your own team requires. Simple, agile, and affordable, W Squared provides business process outsourcing on all levels, from basic accounting and IT help desk to CFO and CIO duties.

We do this by offering a fully customized, integrated platform to assist with most facets of a business back office, including Finance & Accounting, Managed Technology, Human Resources & Payroll, and Procurement. For each of these solutions, we act as a full department, serving our clients from a strategic level to a tactical level, depending on their unique set of needs. After determining the fractional resources that a client might need, we assign a dedicated team who offers highly personalized best-practice solutions on an ongoing basis.

Experience, Squared

You don’t have to know everything. Focus on the things you do best, and let us handle the rest.

Since 2006, we have provided full finance and accounting, managed technology, human resources and payroll and procurement services for hundreds of high growth companies nationwide.

From cash reconciliation to capital raises, we handle it all.

Stay compliant and secure with our IT army.

Regulations change by state and year. Know your liability exposure.

Volume discounts on everything your business buys.

Results, Squared

The ability to grow your business at a rapid pace while keeping your headcount down and risk minimized is what W Squared delivers.

We provide clients with more control and better insights into the operational health of their companies.
Business Process Outsourcing

Implementing and maintaining numerous business process systems in house can be a big investment as well as a drain on your time and resources. That’s where W Squared comes in, with Business Process Partnering, or BPP, that will save you money, reduce stress, and simplify the oversight and management of your critical business processes across the board.

Why not outsource the hassle of your day-to-day business processes to a company that has years of implementation and BPO expertise?

What is Business Process Outsourcing? BPO puts the everyday functions of your business into the hands of our Business Process experts, removing the burden of managing and maintaining Finance and Accounting, Technology, Payroll, Human Resources, and procurement in house.

Increase productivity. Quickly analyze projects and make decisions with comprehensive business data available anytime, anywhere. Expand exponentially as W Squared provides your venture with the systems, processes and experience to bridge the gap to success.

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